Deciding to have private tuition is a big thing. No doubt when you first consider it you have an image in your head of your tutor coming along to your house and sitting down with you at the dining table, or you going along to their house and doing the same.


It’s likely that at no point did the image of a private tutor waving at you on a webcam and using a graphics tablet and an online whiteboard rather than pen and paper enter your head. So I know the idea of online tuition can take a little bit of getting used to. Believe me, when I tell people what I do for a living I have to do a fair bit of explaining as to how it all works. And it does work – really, really well!

But, like anything it is not going to suit everyone. Chances are you spend your life on the internet anyway so online tuition will  feel quite natural.

Here are some things to think about when deciding whether to try online tuition:


1. Choose the tutor that is right for you and if you can only get them online then so be it!

If I were looking for a tutor I would pick one that I think is going to ‘get me’ and be able to give me what I need so I think that the personality and skills of the tutor are so much more important than having them sit next to me in my house. If you pick the ‘right’ tutor who you feel comfortable with you will be fine with them whether you go for online or ‘normal’ tuition. And the ‘right’ tutor is not necessarily going to live within travelling distance of you so it might be a choice between online tuition with the right person or ‘normal’ tuition with some random who can’t offer you half as much.


2. Make sure you pick an online tutor who is tooled up!

Obviously online tuition is going to be rubbish if you pick a tutor who can barely use email and is planning on conducts the lessons by holding tatty bits of paper up to a webcam on skype. If you pick a tutor who has a proper classroom set up, an awesome internet connection, great technical skills and loads of resources your lessons are highly likely to be even better than non-online lessons would be. Which brings me on to point 3…


3. Online tuition gives us so many options (and I think it’s better than ‘normal’ tuition).

This is just my opinion  but here is why I think its better: by definition online tuition takes place on the internet, where all the information you could ever wish for is found. If we’re working through a topic and you’re struggling to picture it we can easily find literally millions of images and alternative explanations, we can easily find a youtube video to help, we can easily check something out on a past paper you’ve seen, we can easily use software to simulate practicals together etc. In other words we can easily find any resource  you might need, which makes it far easier to cater for different learning styles. Yes, we can do this in ‘normal’ lessons but it is so much quicker to do so when we’re already online. Again though whether you benefit from all this depends on your tutor, which is why point 1 is so important!


4.You can be able to have your lessons recorded as a video to watch later.

Well, you can if I tutor you – not all tutors will offer this (see point 2). This saves you having to take notes during the lesson and means you don’t have to worry about missing anything – see, you can’t do that with ‘normal’ lessons! It’s particularly good for lessons on calculations as if you can’t quite remember the method you can just watch again. Even if you don’t want the whole lesson recording I can take screen shots for you so that you can keep important notes or diagrams for later.


5. Online tuition is easier to organise and requires a lot less faffing about than ‘normal’ tuition!

This is kind of the obvious one! Basically if you’re having online tuition you don’t need to worry about having someone coming round and you don’t need to clean your house. Plus the time of day is less important – 8 pm might suit you  but your parents might not be so keen on having someone come to the house so late or having to drop you off and pick you up from your tutor’s house at that time, but if you have online tuition you don’t have any of that to worry about. You could even get out of bed 5 minutes before your lesson if you really wanted (though obviously I don’t recommend this!) and you could have tuition in your pyjamas. Just please make sure you’re wearing something!


6. You can have tuition with your friends without the logistical nightmare of getting to one house.

My classroom can take up to 10 students so if there are a few of you studying the same thing and you all need extra help you can save some money by having a lesson ‘together’ but with each of you in your own homes. Contact me for group pricing.


7. You won’t know if you don’t try it!

You have nothing to lose so don’t be squeamish about it, just go for it. Book one lesson and take it from there. I don’t offer full free trial lessons but if you book online tuition with me I will arrange a quick online chat with you to say hi, show you how to access my classroom and sort out any problems that come up and if  you  hate me and think I’m really annoying don’t think that online tuition is going to be for you then you’re not obliged to take things any further.


I hope that this list has opened your mind a little bit to online tuition and of course I hope that I’ve convinced you to consider me, though point 1 on the list is really the most important so whoever you choose please do bear that in mind. But if you’re looking for a chemistry tutor who can show you easy ways to do the hard stuff, make the maths extremely simple and help you get your confidence back then I’m your woman 🙂