I am the worst person in the world for wasting time looking at crap on the internet. I even confess to spending far too much time on the Daily Mail website, even though I hate myself for it. Actually, the Daily Mail is amazing for examples of questionable interpretation of scientific data (such as the Mice who drink alcohol are less likely to have alcoholic sons and the mice who grow up without a father are more likely to be drugs addicts!) so you can kind of justify spending some time on there.

Really though, when revision/course work time comes around the last thing you want to be doing is faffing around on the internet for no apparent reason and I know you know this so I’m not going to nag. The point of this post is so I can give you a solution. What you need to do is get this: Freedom Internet Blocker or this Anti-social Internet Blocker.

These two are amazing little tools that will do exactly what they sound like they do – block your internet. I know that sounds like hell but let’s face it sometimes you just need to get on with stuff and having the internet there makes it impossible. I’ve spent ages writing this blog post because I’ve been faffing around with Youtube in the background – it I’d just blocked my internet and cracked on it would have been done ages ago. The same goes for your homework – you’ll get it done an awful lot quicker and it will be a lot less stressful  if your not on Snapchat at the same time.

Lets look at the two options:



One-off payment of $10 (about £6 at today’s exchange rate).  Works with Windows and Mac. Android version £3.1o from Google Play.

This will block your whole internet for the amount of time you specify until you restart your computer. The Android phone version can block everything so you can’t faff around texting instead of using WhatsApp. If you don’t have an Android phone my suggestion is to hide your phone in the cellar instead – somewhere manky that you are not likely to want to go and retrieve it from until you have to!



 One-off payment of $15 (about £9 about at today’s exchange rate or available in a bundle with Freedom for $20/$12)

This doesn’t block your whole internet but blocks specific sites instead. It blocks Facebook and Twitter by default and will block anything else you tell it to. So if you know you mess about on Youtube etc. you can get it to block those sites but still be able to get on, say, this site or your exam board website and still do actually useful internet stuff. Like Freedom it will block you for however long you tell it to, or until you restart your computer.

There are probably many more similar apps that I don’t know about so if you know you have an internet addiction it is really worth doing a bit of research and finding something to help. Now that there is only one exam sitting per year you only really have one shot at your revision so its just not worth the risk of wasting so much time.