Bear with me on this…

No one likes revision and, after A levels and two degrees, I know better than anyone how miserable and isolating it can be. I used to feel like I had no choice but to sit in my bedroom with my books for hours on end, FOR WEEKS ON END, with everyone else having fun without me. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean!

Plus, every time I tried to do something other than revision I couldn’t enjoy myself because I felt too guilty for not revising.

Now, as a tutor, I know that the way I felt is pretty common as I see my students feeling the exactly same.

So, this is why I am advising you to just get out of the house and go and revise in Starbucks(or Caffe Nero, or Costa, or even McDonalds!). This is what I eventually found worked well for me. If you pick your time of day well (9-11 and 2-4 are usually good) you will find that it’s a really peaceful place to study and at any time of day it’s pretty likely that there will be other students doing their work there too. Which I think helps– sitting there and knowing that the people around you are going through the same trauma is pretty motivating!

I used to get far more done in a couple of hours in Starbucks than I did in a couple of hours at home. As daft as it sounds I found that there were fewer distractions in Starbucks and the noise noise and chaos actually helped me concentrate. Plus, let’s face it, in a cafe there is only so much you can do to procrastinate, whereas at home there are countless things you can do do put your revision off. We’ve all been in a position where tidying your room suddenly feels more appealing than revision.

If not Starbucks just get out of the house!

I know it’s not realistic to go revise in Starbucks all day every day I think it is worth a try once or twice a week. See it as a treat – get a fancy coffee and a cake and settle down for couple of hours of work. The most important things is you’re getting out of the house. And because you’re taking your revision with you you will avoid the ‘guilty’ feeling (not that you should feel guilty every time you don’t revise, but it’s hard not to). This is important particularly at the hardcore revision time a few weeks before the exams when you’re on study leave and not even going in to school.

If you decide that revising in Starbucks is not for you I would still urge you to think about ways you can incorporate ‘getting out of the house’ into your revision schedule. It’s also important to point out that I don’t mean you should go out and revise in Starbucks instead of having a proper break. You still need to have a break! So make time for that too.