The hacker turned politician using digital tech to reimagine democracy

One team to emerge from the activity was the civic technology cooperative g0v (noticable “gov zero”), which consisted of the popular cyberpunk Audrey Tang. Birthed with a heart condition that virtually eliminated her as a child, she has since come to be the nation’s initial transgender minister, and she draws parallels between the delicacy of her own life and that of democracy.

In 2014, the authorization rating of Taiwan’s federal government was less than 10 per cent. Popular frustration culminated in the Sunflower Movement, with trainees inhabiting legislative buildings to object a proposed profession deal with China. Three weeks later, their demands were fulfilled. A years on, this is seen as a transforming factor in Taiwanese democracy.

After the initial covid-19 situations were stated in mainland China in late 2019, she came to be a central gamer in the Taiwanese government’s response as a closet participant for electronic events. In her brand-new publication, Plurality, she argues that Taiwan– usually seen as a prospective flashpoint for future global dispute– is now a prospering democracy that has a lot to teach the world.


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