5 Deadly Pet Bath-time Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Pet grooming should be very easy. But it is pets, so there’s a lot of care and technique needed. Naturally, that means there’s lots of room for error. Many pet parents prefer to wing their way through pet parenthood, but it can be pretty dangerous.

When it comes to giving pets baths, many pet parents are doing it wrong. The next time you give your lovely pet a bath, make sure you’re not making the following bath mistakes.

Using the wrong shampoo

This is one of the commonest bath-time mistakes ever. If you’ve always used your own ‘all natural’ shampoo on your dog or cat, you’ve been exposing them to dry skin, irritation or worse. The same applies to your baby’s shampoo.

Pets have different body pH than humans, so they need their own shampoo. Many pet shops carry pet-specific shampoo. You can always get recommendations from a vet to avoid endangering your pet.

Soaping wrongly

If you’ve been starting every shower by soaping your pet’s face or back, that’s the wrong way to go. It’s also quite dangerous. The best way to soap a pet in the shower, according to experts, is by starting with both legs. You can then go upward, ending with the face because it’s the most sensitive.

Additionally, you should rub the soap into the fur and skin with your fingers and let it soak for a while before washing it out. Remember to clean the face and inside the ear with a washcloth.

Brushing them wrong

When the shower is done, brushing up comes next. Many dog parents do this wrong too by brushing the dog fur before it dries. Experts recommend that the fur be left to dry first before combing can be done. You can brush the next day after a shower.

Brushing hastily is another mistake you’re making. Go slowly, especially if your pet has knots in its fur. Such pets need to be groomed by a professional groomer first.

Drying Up Hastily

When it comes to pets, everything must be done a certain way. Most people wrap their pets in towels after a shower, the way a human being would. Pet experts say that’s the wrong way to dry your pet; it’s too hasty.

Instead, you should dry the fur one area at a time using a towel. You should also have a towel ready for these tasks, and towel on the floor in case the pet brushes the water off and sprays it all over.

Too Many Bath-Times

It doesn’t sound like a mistake, but it is. Too many baths aren’t good for your pet, especially cats and dogs. According to pet grooming experts, one or two showers a month alone are enough. Don’t worry about grooming; most pets clean themselves naturally.

Of course, you can always wash him after a day out playing in mud, but those are the exceptions. Otherwise, too many showers rid the pet’s skin of its natural oils, resulting in irritation. You don’t want an itchy, agitated pet.