5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Cat

Owning a cat is fun. They’re wonderful companions, they’re cute and they light up Instagram. But cat parenthood isn’t all about the nice side of things. You’ve got to keep your cat healthy and safe too, in addition to other basic activities such as feeding.

There are many ways to keep your cat safe, and most owners already put them into practice. But there are still many other ways your cat is exposed to danger in one day. Below we identify some common dangers through things you should never do to your cat.

Never Leave Them in Rooms with Open Windows

Many cat owners have to leave their cats home before going to work. But with the threat of burglary always looming, there is often no choice but to leave every opening to the house closed.

Still, many people leave a window or two open for the sake of the cat, but that’s very dangerous. Cats can always climb to the window and lose their balance. And while they’ve always been very flexible and agile, a high-rise fall is bound to be dangerous.

Because you may not be on the scene, your cat could die from injuries and no first aid. The remedy? If possible, close all windows before leaving. You can leave them open but only if you’ve got window screens installed.

Never Skip Out on Vet Visits

The only cats that should skip a vet visit are those still living in the wild. If you own a cat, it’s highly dangerous and irresponsible to skip visits to the vet, even when your feline buddy seems totally okay.

Routine visits are always good for catching mild infection early on. And when the vet says you should come back, you should go back.

Never Ignore Cat Hairballs

Cats, like many other furry pets, have a natural body grooming system in place that involves shedding extra hair. For cats, that also involves licking and swallowing the excess hair. Oftentimes, cats spit or pass out that hair in form of hairballs.

When you see hairballs, don’t ignore them. While it’s a natural process, they could also be signs of internal discomfort. Talk to a vet about it and see what can be done.

Never Unbuckle Your Cat During A Car Ride

If you’re letting your cat sit freely in the car every day while you drive, that’s not safe. Cats aren’t very fun riders; they easily get agitated. When they start prancing around, they become distractions, and that can result in accidents.

The best thing to do is to buckle up your cat in its cat seat during every ride. Your cat may not like it, but it’s safer than having it in your lap while you drive.

Never Push It Off High Surfaces

Cats are very agile and flexible beings. They can jump off high distances by themselves without harm. But that’s no reason to push them off high surfaces intentionally.

Many cat owners assume it can never be dangerous, but even cats sustain injuries from falls too. Plus, cats can know when they aren’t wanted, and that damages their spirit.