Facebook Now Lets You Share Music from Spotify Directly to Stories

Facebook has released a new feature that allows users to share their music directly to their Facebook stories. The company, which has largely kept its sharing API closed may now be opening up to potential partnerships with third parties.

The announcement comes a few months after the same feature was released on Instagram, where it has been very well received. It allows users to share clips of their favorite songs right to their Stories.

Made for Artists

The new integration feature allows anyone to share 15-second previews from Spotify to Facebook Stories directly. They can then either listen to the preview or click on the ‘Play on Spotify’ prompt to have them redirected to the app.

It has been designed mainly with musicians in mind as it’s a novel way to promote music across the social network. Most music managers today rely on the tried and tested method of manually sharing links across social media platforms, but now they are free to do so with better support.

The nature of the press release by Spotify also seems to confirm this apparent rumor. Rather than announce it on their blog like they do most features, it was made part of the ‘artist news’ section of the site.

Learning from Instagram

The feature was first released on Instagram in 2018 to much fanfare. Users could upload their favorite clips of music right from the app itself (using a handy search feature) or share music from Spotify to Instagram with pretty much the same result.

The company announced the move as the first step in opening up the rest of the company to sharing from third-party apps.

Mutually beneficial

The incredible popularity and growth Instagram has enjoyed has largely been thanks to the treasure trove of features that have both been borrowed and innovated into the app. Acquiring a whole music vendor for single feature to be added into the app doesn’t make much sense, so the deal is mutually beneficial to both companies.

Instagram gets to add a new feature to capture people’s engagement and Spotify gets a nifty backlink on one of the most used features in any app today.

One limitation

If this feature sounds familiar, it’s likely because you’ve probably heard of or used it before. A Spotify integration that let users upload playlists, single songs and even artist pages was previously available on Spotify but the company pulled the plug in it.

While not entirely brand new, it comes back but it has one major limitation, especially compared to previous iterations. The song previews are only going to work when you share a single song to Stories. You can choose to share artist pages, albums or playlists but you won’t see or hear any preview. These missing pieces are expected to make their way back onto the app at some point in the future.