Kourtney Kardashians Big Bad Bald Spot

Do we actually care about what happens in the Kardashians/Jenner’s lives or is it like a gruesome car-crash? A scene that you don’t really want to look at, but also one that you cannot look away from.

We could probably ponder on this question for ages or we could just accept that we are living vicariously through the sisters and freak out with them when a bald spot appears on Kourtney’s head.

Is she going bald or is Kim being a drama-queen?

“Go to the Hospital!” says Kim

Keeping up with the Kardashians is about to head into its 17th season. Is it a bit of an overkill at this point? Probably. Will people still watch it?

Certainly! Nevertheless, it was during a trailer for this new season where Kim frantically alerted Kourtney to the fact that she had a massive bald spot on her head.

Apparently, Kourtney already knew that it was there as she could feel it. This was no reassurance to Kim who insisted that Kourtney head straight to the hospital as she feared for her sister’s life.

Kourtney was luckily not as alarmed as her sister and did not hop into her car immediately to seek medical help. But she did enlist the help of one Dr. Jason Diamond.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Skip forward to the premiere of the 17th season, viewers joined Kourtney as she headed to the office of Dr. Diamond. It is here where Kourtney will undergo treatment for her pesky bald spot over the next 3 months.

The treatment is called PRP. This stands for protein-rich plasma which is a procedure that requires blood to be drawn from Kourtney that will be spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the other blood compounds.

This plasma is then injected directly into the bald spot in the hope that the nourishment to the roots will encourage hair growth.

Where did the bald spot come from?

Prevention is better than cure. This is the tagline for basically every doctor across the globe. But if Kourtney is to keep from going bald the first thing, she needs to is to figure out why the bald spot appeared in the first place.

Apparently, the culprit lies at a gala that Kourtney Attended in February. It was here where she wore an exceedingly high and tight ponytail. It seems like the hairstyle did not only look fierce; it also did a fierce number on Kourtney’s scalp.

Did someone say epidemic?

Kourtney is not the first person to experience the negative side-effects of a hairstyle that produces the same temporary effects of a surgical facelift.

Camila Cabello went through a similarly harrowing experience when she wore a high ponytail in November 2018.

Cabello went on twitter to say that she couldn’t even make it through the entire night as she felt like it was tugging at her brain.  She also added that she has no idea how Ariana Grande is able to withstand such a styling choice.