The Definitive World of Sneakers

Millennials have managed to popularise the oddest of things in their time. A trip to Starbucks is not simply a caffeine journey, it is also a photoshoot. Breakfast is no longer eggs and bacon but egg on toast.

In the fashion world, heels may forever hold their place but they are now faced with the ever-rising popularity of the sneaker. These are no longer reserved for sports enthusiasts.

They are for the everyday person. They are for the influencer. They come in every shape, every size and they are absolutely everywhere.

Let’s start at the bottom

Not bottom of the pile but rather bottom of the ankle. At this point sits the low-top sneaker. They are named as such because they do not cover the ankle and would, therefore, be more comfortable in summer than in the cold winter months.

These were traditionally worn by athletes such as runners. But with brands like Nike and Adidas creating more fashionable versions of this athletic apparel, they are seen on the feet of the most fashion-woke of people.

The key features of these sneakers are that they are made of light material and as they were traditionally made for running, they support the footwell and are wonderfully comfortable.

Who was a skater boy?

If you take a quick peek at people walking on the street you would not be hard-pressed to find a couple of people wearing skate shoes. These are also in the low-top category but they are not as athletic.

These shoes are also very comfortable but they are made of canvas or leather and they do not have the shaping that allows for full pedal support. The brand that holds the crown in the skate shoe collection is undeniably Vans.

Their design is simple, sleek and unimposingly fashionable.

Not too low not too high

As we head out of the low-top category we enter into the murky water. Here you find the shoe known as the mid-top. This definition is quite vague but so is the area.

These are shoes that do not completely go above the ankle and they do not sit below it either.

They exist in the underappreciated midground, an area that Nike is desperately trying to monopolize on with their new mid-top designs.

Started from the bottom now we here

The last type of sneaker that needs to be dealt with is the high-top. This too has its roots in the sporting arena, but not on the feet of runners. Inspiration for this type of sneaker comes from basketball players.

The most popular sneaker in this group is the Nike Air which covers all the way past the ankle and has the magical ability to make anyone feel like Michael Jordan.

Are brand names important?

Sneakers may be completely functional footwear, but this does not mean that there exists no hierarchy.

In today’s world, these shoes are highly fashionable and if one were in the market to impress the onlookers they would palpably head into a Nike, Adidas or Vans store.