TikTok And the NFL Have Entered An Official Multi-Year Partnership Deal  

The NFL has officially entered a new multi-year deal with short video service company, TikTok, in a move widely regarded as a way to improve the sports company’s worldwide appeal. The announcement came just days before its 100th kickoff earlier this month and included an NFL-branded account already full of content.

Hashtags and Marketing Campaigns

The new NFL account has been going strong for a while now, gaining almost half a million followers by the time of the publication of this article. For comparison’s sake, the company launched the account barely a week ago. In addition to which, content posted by the account has also received over 60 million likes in the same span of time.

Hashtags launched by the company, such as #WeReady and other challenges also received a lot of media attention, driving more viewers to the platform. It encourages users to showcase their loyalty for their favorite team by performing a series of tasks. Several NFL superstars and TikTok celebrities took part in the challenge.

Promoting TikTok

Naturally enough, being a partnership and all, TikTok also stands to gain from the new relationship. Having already garnered so many followers in such a short amount of time, it’s natural to assume that a sizable bunch of those followers are new users.

In addition, TikTok had quite the presence at Soldier Field in Chicago when the event launched and probably received a huge boost of popularity from the move.

The NFL isn’t the only sports platform to have a presence on the app, however. Both Wimbledon and the NBA have previously launched marketing campaigns aimed at promoting their respective sports. The NFL still takes the cake when it comes to experimenting with new platform all the same.

Aboard Another New Platform

The move was expected to be made sooner or later because the NFL is no stranger to jumping onto new platforms to promote their products. They were one of the first to use Twitter’s Live Streaming, Snapchat’s Discover feature and can even be accessed via Alexa.

All these decisions were made because the NFL sees them as opportunities to expand their reach to international markets and gain some new following. This is especially important because the company is still recovering from the previous year’s daunting ratings and a slump in viewership.

The Natural Destination

According to Blake Stuchin, vice president, Digital Media Business Development for the NFL, TikTok was a ‘natural destination’ for the firm, since they are one of the fastest-growing social media outlets in the world.

It also boasts one of the highest engagement rates, thanks largely to the short-form content it presents users. And despite being best known for memes, it does have a substantial sports following.

Stuchin further goes on to state that the goal of the partnership is to reach developing markets, where TikTok has a particularly great following. As the NFL launches its 100th season, he reasons that TikTok is a perfect way to enjoy and showcase authentic experiences, such as attending an NFL game.