China’s Chang’e 6 returns with first rocks from far side of the moon

The example includes material from the surface and from 2 metres underground, which Chang’e 6 scooped and drilled at its touchdown site in the Apollo crater, itself situated within the larger South Pole-Aitken container. Researchers hope that this product will assist discuss how and when these containers developed, which could permit us to recognize the beginning of other, comparable lunar craters.

The example, which must have around 2 kilos of material from the moon, then floated down for the last 10 kilometres utilizing parachutes. It landed at 2:07 pm before being gathered by researchers from the China National Area Management.

The trouble of touchdown on the moon’s much side, which permanently encounters away from Planet therefore has no straight communications web link, had actually suggested that the region’s surface was undiscovered until the Chinese spacecraft landed at the beginning of the month.

Before China takes on a crewed goal, it will certainly send out a more two spacecraft, Chang’e 7 and Chang’e 8, to the moon’s south post to gather details on locations for a feasible base there called the International Lunar Research Station. China is co-leading this goal together with Russia’s area agency, Roscosmos.

Its touchdown and collection manoeuvres relied greatly on self-governing processes and robot tools, although Chinese designers can send messages to the spacecraft through the Queqiao-2 relay satellite, which introduced in March this year and is still in orbit around the moon.


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